How is WWW different from the Internet?

Q26. How is WWW different from the Internet?
Ans. WWW represents an information space where documents and other web resources resides. These documents are connected by hyperlinks and can be accessed by URLs using Internet. WWW makes up a large part of the Internet and consists of websites that have one or more Web pages. On the other hand, computers on the Internet are connected to each other with the help of various small networks. These different small networks are then connected to the Internet backbone using several gateways. All computers on the Internet communicate with one another using the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite which is the basic communication protocol of the Internet.

The Internet is not governed by any particular organization because it consists of a larger number of small and big networks. however, each network needs to follow Internet standards in order to connect. it is important to remember that the internet is not the same as WWW. Internet is to WWW as India is to Delhi.

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