Write a program that asks for players, and then gives ateams, players left over.

Q17. A computer programming contest requires teams of 5 members each. Write a program that asks for the number of players, and then gives the number of teams and number of players left over.


#include<iostream.h>  //for standard input and output

#include<conio.h>     //for clrscr()


//Main function

void main()


int no_of_players,no_of_teams,leftovers;


clrscr();  //for clear screen


cout<<“\n Enter the number of players: “;



no_of_teams=no_of_players/5; //integre division



cout<<“\n There will be “<<no_of_teams<<” teams with “<<leftovers<<” left over.”;


getch();   //To hold the output screen


//End of main()




Enter the number of players: 56

There will be 11 teams with 1 left over.

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