Word Processor, Electronic Spreadsheet, DBMS, Graphic, Multimedia and Presentation Software, DTP Software.

Question 3. Write a short notes on the following:
1. Word Processor,
2. Electronic Spreadsheet,
3. DBMS,
4. Graphic, Multimedia and Presentation Software,
5. DTP Software.
1. Word Processor:
A Word Processor is used to create almost any kind of document be it a term paper, a business letter, thesis work, legal document, newsletter and even a book.
Many bird processes word processor are available in the market. Some popular one are: WordStar, Microsoft word, WordPerfect, Softword.

2. Electronic Spreadsheet:
An electronic spreadsheet is a program that accepts data in a tabular form( in rows and columns) and allows users to manipulate calculate/ analyze data in the desired manner.

3.DBMS: A Database Management System( DBMS) is a package that can handle and manage bulk of stored data.

The application software that manipulates images is known as a graphic software.
The software that incorporates images, text, sounds, computer animation and video sequence is known as a multimedia software.
The application software that can create professional looking visual aids is called presentation graphics software.

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