Types of text data types in BASE.

Q7. Explain the various types of text data types in Base.

Ans. The text data types enable you to store textual data in fields. Table 1 provides a brief description of the various text data types:

Table 1: Text Data Types


Table 1: Text Data Types Data Type Description
  • Text [VARCHAR]
Allows you to store textual data of variable length. It is the default field type when you create a field in a table. The field length of this data type is also set to 50, by default, which can be changed using the Length property.
Works similar to Text [VARCHAR], but converts every letter into capital letter by ignoring the specific casing of letters.
Memo [LONGVARCHAR] Helps to store a large volume of field information of up to 2 GB, such as the bibliographical details of a book in a library database. The records in the Memo fields are not arranged in any particular order.

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