Types of Human Activities.

Q1. What are the types of Human Activities.


  1. Economic Activities: Activities which are undertaken by people with object of earning money are called economic activities. These activities are concerned with production exchange and distribution of goods and services. The purpose of economic activity is to generate return in terms of money to earn livelihood. Example- A worker in a factory and getting paid for it, practicing as a doctor, lawyer, working as a teacher in school, etc.
  2. Non- Economic Activities: Activities which are undertaken by an individual with a motive of getting psychological satisfaction are known as non-economic activities. In a non-economic activities, there is no expectation of any kind of reward or benefit. They are inspired of sentimental reasons and are performed out of love, sympathy, affection, sentimental’s ,etc. Example-Housewife cooking food for her family, social services, charity etc.

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