Type of Services Provided by An Operating System

Q13. What types of services are provided by an operating system?

Ans. Some common services provided by operating system can be listed as follow:

(i) Program Execution

(ii) Handling Input/output Operations

(iii) Manipulation of File System

(iv) Error Detection and Handling

(v) Resource Allocation

(vi) Accounting

(vii) Information and Resource Protection

(i) Program Execution:

The Operating System is responsible for executing various programs whether user programs or system programs that is, special programs required for the machine functioning.


(ii) Handling Input/output Operations:

The Operating System is responsible for handling various type of inputs ( For example, input from keyboard, input from mouse etc.) and various types of outputs in the appropriate manner.

For instance, if the input is coming from mouse, then it requires different type of handling as compared to input coming from keyboard. Similarly, if an output targeted for printer, then it requires different type of handling as compared to output targeted for monitor.


(iii) Manipulation of File System:

This task involves the making of decisions regarding the storage of files that is, where (whether on floppy disk or hard disk etc.) and how a particular file is to be stored.


(iv) Error Detection and Handling:

The Operating System is also responsible for detecting any type of error that occurs and then properly handling it.


(v) Resource Allocation:

This task aims at proper use of resources available. For example, if multiple files are to be printed then “how and in which order this task will take place?” will be decided by the operating system.


(vi) Accounting:

The Operating System keeps an account of what type of functioning is taking place and what type of errors have occurred.


(vii) Information and Resource Protection:

The Operating System is responsible for ensuring that the information and resources available on machine are used in the correct way. The operating system foils the attempts to use them incorrectly.


All these services are ensured by the functions provided b an operating system. The functions offered by different operating system differ from one operating system to another, but more or less they provide the same services. These OS (Operating System) functions are offered for the convenience of the programmer, to make the programming task easier.

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