Time Keeping.

Q39. Write short note about Time Keeping:

  1. Meaning,
  2. Objectives,
  3. Methods,
  4. Requisites.


  1. Meaning: A Record of total time spent in the factory by a worker is called time keeping. Time start when a worker enter into factory gate and ends when he leave factory. Wages to a worker are determined on such time keeping bases in case of time rate system.
  2. Objectives:
    1.  For the preparation of payroll.
    2. For calculating over time.
    3. For ascertaining and controlling idle time.
    4. For disciplinary purpose.
    5. For overhead distributing.
  3. Methods:
    1. Attendance sheet.
    2. Check disk or token method.
    3. Card time recorder.
    4. Dial time recorder.
  4. Requisites:
    1. System should be simple, smooth and quick.
    2. Frequent visit of a responsible manager to see the operation of system.
    3. Late comers should record late arrivals.
    4. Mechanical system should be employed.
    5. Both the time of arrival and departure should be recorded.
    6. Piece worker time also should be recorded to maintain discipline.

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