Q1. Define GUI. How can you create a GUI application on Java platform?

Q2. Write in brief about, what JFC is.

Q3.What do you understand by a message and an event?

Q4. What are containers or container controls?

Q5. What is the relationship of properties, method and events?

Q6. How many types of containers can a Java GUI application contain?

Q7. Name two containers for each of the following categories:

  1. Top Level,
  2. Middle Level,
  3. Component Level.

Q8. Name the event listeners that would respond to following type of actions:

  1.  a component receives capability to receive input i.e., focus.
  2. a key is pressed on the keyboard.
  3. window is closed.

Q9. Name the component classes of Swing API for the following components:

  1.  a frame,
  2. a button,
  3. a panel.

Q10. Write the purpose of following two properties of the frame i.e., JFrame type object.

  1.  title 
  2. iconImage.

Q11. What is a panel? What for is it mainly used?

Q12. Name the component class of panel. Also name some properties along with their purpose of this class.

Q13. How would you write the following text in a Label?



Q14. How would you set shortcut key or access key of letter A for the button?

Q15. What command do you need to write in actionPerformed() event handler of button, in order to make it exit button?

Q16. What method would you use, in order to simulate a button’s (namely OKBtn) click event, without any mouse activity from user’s side?

Q17.Which condition (related to container controls) every Swing GUI application must fulfill?

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