Q1. What is data? What is the output of data processing system?

Q2. State the basic units of the computer. Name the sub-units that makes up the CPU, and give the function of each of the units.

Q3. What is the function of memory? What are its measuring units?

Q4. What are the difference between hardware, software and firmware?

Q5. Give examples for each of system and application software. Explain the function of each type.

Q6. What are the three type of computers? How do they differ?

Q7. How is a compiler different from interpreter?

Q8. What are the different types of digital computers based on their performance?

Q9. Name the super computers developed in India.

Q10. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of computer?

Q11. Why is binary language often termed as machine language? Why is machine language required?

Q12. Who invented the punched card?

Q13. What is MICR? Where is it mostly used? What is the major (dis)advantages of MICR as a general purpose input medium?

Q14. What is the difference between OCR and OMR?

Q15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of OCR?

Q16. What are the two categories of printers? Which type of printers ar more speedy?

Q17. Explain working of a dot-matrix printer.

Q18. What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

Q19. What does a bus mean?

Q20. Why is data bus bi-directional?

Q21. What is a port? Name some port types.