Special data types available in Base.

Q19. What are the special data types available in Base?

Ans. Special data types allow you to store special type of information, such as Yes/No data. The special data type is categorized in the following types:

  • Yes/No [Boolean]: Refers to a Boolean data type, which helps you handle input that is either a Yes or No value.
  • Image [LONGVARBINARY]: Allows you to add an image as a record in the field.
  • Binary [VARBINARY]: Allows you to handle binary values. A binary value is one that is represented in the 0 and 1 format.
  • Binary (fix) [BINARY]: Works in the same way as the Binary [VARBINARY] data type, except that it handles data of fixed length.
  • Other [OTHER]: Allows you to handle any kind of data. This data type is used when you are unable to define the data type using the other types, such as Boolean, Image [LONGVARBINARY], Binary [VARBINARY], and Binary (fix) [BINARY].

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