Social Objectives of Business.

Q2. What are social objectives of business?


Q2. What are non-economic objectives of business? 

Ans. It refers to objectives, which are desired to achieved for benefit of society. Social objectives deal with fulfilling obligation towards society.

Some of social objectives are:

  1. Supply of good quality products and fair prices: The business should ensure that there is regular supply of products with fair quality and at reasonable prices. Supply of adulterate goods, inferior quality goods, are detrimental to survival of business.
  2. Avoidance of unfair trade practices: Business enterprises should not indulge in anti-social and unfair trade practices like black market, adulteration, etc. So, every business or organization should aim to avoid undesirable activities.
  3. Generation of employment opportunities: Every business enterprise should create sufficient employment opportunities without any discrimination as to caste, religion, sex, etc.
  4. Protection of environment: Business enterprises should take all reasonable steps to check and protect environment. It must make proper arrangement for disposal of effluents, smoke, waste, etc. in order to avoid various types of pollution.
  5. Worker performance and attitude: Worker performance and attitude determine their contribution towards productivity and profitability of enterprise. Therefore, every enterprise must be aim at improving its workers performance. It should also try to ensure a positive attitude on part of workers.
  6. Social Responsibility: It refers to obligation of business firms to contribute resources for solving social problems and work in socially desirable manner.

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