Significance Of Input Process Output Cycle.

Q2. Briefly explain the significance of input process output cycle.

Ans. The Input – Process – Output cycle is the most basic explanation of how users interact with a computer.

During the functioning of a computer. The first stage (things to work upon) is called input stage. The Input step is where the user requests something from the computer using an input device, like a keyboard or a mouse. The second stage (the actual work being performed) is called process stage. The Process step is when the computer takes the information and processes it internally and the third stage (the result) is called output stage. The final Output step is when the computer respond to the request it has processed to an output device like a monitor or a printer.

Certain input is needed to accomplish a task, a process is carried out on the input to obtain the output.

Every task follows this Input-Process-Output cycle (IPO cycle in short). A computer follows the I-P-O cycle that is; it needs certain input, carries out a process and produces the output.

This is significant because it is same way that people interact in real life. A real life example would be someone buying something from a shop. This Input step would be handing shopkeeper putting the money in the till and getting the good whilst the Output step would be the shopkeeper handing over the goods and the change.

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