Secondary Industry Classification.

Q4. How is Secondary Industry classified?

Ans.Secondary industry can be classified into two categories:

  1. Manufacturing Industry: These industry are engaged in producing goods through processing of raw material and creating utilities. It may be further divide into four categories:
    1. Analytical Industry: It analyses and separate different elements from same material. Example-  oil refinery, crude oil is processed into may finished product such as petrol, diesel, etc.
    2. Synthetically Industry: It combines various ingredients into new products. Example- cement, soap, plastic, etc.
    3. Processing Industry: It involves successive stages for manufacturing finished products. Example- Sugar, Paper, etc.
    4. Assembling Industry: It assembles different component parts to make new product. Example- Television, car, computer, etc.
  2. Construction Industry: These are involved in construction of building, dams, bridges, roads as well as tunnels and canals. Engineering and architectural skills are part of construction industry.

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