Search engine.

Q20. What do you mean by a search engine? Name two popular search engines. What role do search engines play in Web surfing?
Ans. A search engine helps in searching information on the Internet according to the specified criterion. For example, if a user wants to know which universities in Delhi offer management courses, then transform the information requirement into a search criterion and feed it into a search engine. Within seconds, a long list of websites will appear on the monitor, which will provide users with the desired information.

Two popular search engines are as follows:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!

A search engine plays a vital role in Web surfing. The search engines allow users to find information on the Internet on the basis of the specified search criteria. They provide a number of related links when a search query is specified to them thereby allowing the users to visit different Web pages of same or different websites. This continuous search for the information on the Internet is known as Web surfing

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