Reasons For Increasing Importance Of Communication

Q7. “Importance of communication is increasing day by day in the business organisation”. State the reasons for this increasing importance.
Ans. Reasons for increasing importance of communication: It is true that importance of communication is increasing day by day in the business organisations. The reasons for this growth maybe stated as:

  1.  Growth and the size of the business organisation: An efficient systems of communication is required because the business organisations are growing tremendously. Thousands of people work in the organisation.
  2. Advanced Technology: In order to upgrade or modernize technology proper communication between the superior and subordinate in an organisation is must.
  3. Tough competition in the market: To survive in the competition, communication inform of advertisement, publicity, personal contacts is essential.
  4. Coordination between departments: Communication is essential for ensuring mutual co-operation and understanding between different departments.
  5. Trade Union Movement: A strong and meaningful relation between management and trade union is it possible only by effective communication.
  6. Human Relation: Effective communication between management and employee is necessary to develop mutual trust and confidence.
  7. Public Relations: Public relations helps an organisation to improve it’s image in society as the organisation has a social responsibility specially towards the customers.

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