Purposes of mathematical functions atan() atan2() ceil() exp() in C++.

Q12. What are the purposes of following mathematical functions in C++?

  1. atan()
  2. atan2()
  3. ceil()
  4. exp()

Ans.(1). atan()

General form of atan()

double atan (double arg)  

The atan() function returns the arc tangent of argument.

Ans.(2). atan2()

General form of atan2()

double atan2 (double b, double a)

The atan2() function returns the arc tangent of b/a.

Ans.(3). ceil()

General form of ceil()

double ceil (double num)

The ceil() function returns the smallest integer represented as a double not less than num.

And.(4). exp()

General form of exp()

double exp (double arg)

The exp() function returns the natural logarithm e raised to arg power.

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