Properties in MS Access.


  1. What is the field size property of an AutoNumber datatypes in MS Access?
  2. Give the difference between MEMO and TEXT type field used in MS Access.
  3.  What is the caption property for a field in MS Access? What caption is assigned by default?
  4.  Explain the validation text and validation rule properties for a text type field.
  5. Name two data types in which field property allow zero length is available in MS Access.

Ans 1.The field size property of an auto number datatype is 4 bytes.

Ans 2.MEMO type field is used to contain long blocks of text whereas TEXT type field is used to contain short text.

Ans 3. The Caption property can be defined as a string to declare a name for a field. The default caption for the field is FieldName.

Ans 4. The validation TEXT property is used to require specific values whereas validation Rule property used to alert user for a mistake.

Ans 5. The field property ALLOW ZERO LENGTH is available in MS Access for text and memo datatype.

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