Procedure of deleting a field from a table in BASE.

Q14. Explain the procedure of deleting a field from a table in Base.

Ans. In BASE, you can delete the fields that you do not require from a table, by using the Delete command. To delete a field, first you need to open the table in Table Design View.

In this question, we are using the Stud_Database database that contains Student and Faculty tables. Perform the following steps to delete a field from the Student table in BASE:

  1. Open the Student table in the Table Design view (Figure 19).
  2. Select the field that you want to delete. In our case, we have selected the field named Stud_Marks in Science (Figure 19).
  3. Right-click the grey button beside the field name. A context menu appears (Figure 19).
  4. Select the Delete option from the context menu, as shown in Figure 19:


The selected field is deleted from the table


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