Procedure of creating the table in Base.

Q9. Explain the procedure of creating the Student table in Base.

Ans. Perform the following steps to create a table, named Student, in Base:

  1. Select the Tables button.
  2. Select the Create Table in Design View option.


The Table Design window appears.

  1. Type Stud_RollNo in the Field Name column and press the ENTER key to move to the Field Type column. In this column, the Text [VARCHAR] field type is selected by default.
  2. Click the arrow button. A drop-down list appears from which you can select the desired field type.
  3. Select the Number [NUMERIC] field type from the drop-down list.


Similarly, you can create the other fields of the table and define their properties in the Table Design window.

Now, perform the following steps to save the table.

  1. Click the Save button in the Table Design window.


The Save As dialog box appears.

  1. Type the desired name for the table in the Table Name text box. In our case, we have typed Student.
  2. Click the OK button.

The OpenOffice Base message box appears.

  1. Click the Yes button if you want a primary key to be automatically created for the table. In our case, we have clicked the No button as we want to create the primary key of our choice.

The table named Student is created. You can see the table in the Database window.

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