Precautions to prevent a virus attack on your computer.

Q5. What precautions can you take to prevent a virus attack on your computer?

Ans. You can take these precautions to prevent a virus attack on your computer:

  • Avoiding the temptation to open e-mail attachments and downloads from unreliable sources. Resist the urge to double click everything in your mailbox. If you get an unexpected file attachment, send an enquiry e-mail to its sender. Ask him about the nature and function of the file attachment.
  • Installing a reliable anti-virus scanning software and downloading its updates regularly. Major anti-virus software vendors, including Symantec, Network Associates, Computer Associates, and Trend Micro, provide regular updates. Some vendors also offer a service that automatically retrieves updates on your computer from the company‚Äôs website.
  • Installing only licensed software.
  • Scanning files downloaded from the Internet or other external sources.
  • Keeping regular backups of your data.

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