Practice Questions

Q1. Identify the software that helps you in sending and receiving an e-mail:

  1. MS-Office
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. MS-Outlook
  4. None of these

Ans. (c)

Q2. State the importance of the cc: field in an e-mail address. 

Q3. What do you understand by World Wide Web?

a. A word processing software

b. A Web browser

c. The part of the Internet that helps us share information and provides various services

d. None of these

Ans. d. None of these


Q4. Which of the following is not a search engine?

  1. Google
  2. Ask
  3. Bing
  4. Skype

Ans. (d)


Q5. To connect your computer system to Internet, you need the following devices:

  1. Modem
  2. Web browser
  3. Transmission medium
  4. All of these

Ans. (d)


Q6. What is the full form of HTTP?

  1. Higher Text Transformation Protocol
  2. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  3. Hyper Type Text Precision
  4. None of these

Ans. (b)


Q7. Which one of the following services is not provided by the Web?

  1. Chat
  2. Video conferencing
  3. CPU
  4. E-mail

Ans. (c)


Q8. What do you understand by the term newsgroup? 

Q9. What is the importance of FTP in sending and receiving an e-mail?

Q10. What do you understand by a blog?

Q11. What do you understand by a forum?

Q12. Which elements are present in an e-mail message?

Q13. Name any five search engines. 

Q14. Name any three social networking websites.

Q15. Among the following identify an e-mail address:

  2. C:\Windows\e-mail
  4. None of these

Ans. (c)

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