Mainframe Operating System

 Q1. Write a short note on Mainframe Operating System.

Ans. These room-sized computers still found in major corporate date centers. The operating systems for mainframes are heavily oriented toward processing many jobs at once, most of which need prodigious amount of input/output.

They typically offer three kinds of services:

1. Batch

2. Transaction Processing

3. Time-sharing System

1. A Batch System is one that processes routine jobs without any interactive user present. Claim processing in an insurance company or sales reporting for a chain of stores is typically done in batch mode.

2. Transaction Processing System handle large numbers of small requests.

For example:

Check processing at a bank or airline reservations. Each unit of work is small, but the system must handle hundreds or thousands per second.

3. Time-sharing System allows multiple remote users to run jobs on the computer at once, such as querying a big database.

An example mainframe operating system is OS/390, a descendent of OS/360.

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