Lynx as text-based Web Browser.

Q14. What does it mean when we say that Lynx is a text-based Web browser? Name some graphical Web browsers.
Ans. A Web browser is an application that is used to access or retrieve information or resources from the Internet. This information is available in different formats, such as audio and video files, text and images. Although, a Web browser is specifically designed to access information from the Internet, it can also be used to access resources on the local Intranet or files in a file system.

There are two types of Web browsers, text-based Web browsers and graphical Web browsers. Lynx is an example of a text-based browser, which provides access to the Internet in the text-only mode. These Web browsers display only text-based information. This Web browser does not support the graphic information.

The Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape are examples of graphical Web browsers. The graphical Web browsers (which can be downloaded and installed) are available for various Operating System (OS), such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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