Job Evaluation.

Q47. Write short notes about job evaluation:

  1.  Meaning,
  2. Objective,
  3. Methods.


  1. Meaning of Job Evaluation: It may be defined as the process of analysis and assessment of jobs to ascertain reliably their relative worth and to provide management with a reasonable sound basis of determining the basic internal wages and salary structure for the various job positions.
  2.  Objective of Job Evaluation:
    1.  Simplify, establish and rationalize wages and salary structure in the enterprise.
    2. Match the wages and salary structure of a job with the level of skill and efforts involved in it.
    3.  Ensure consistency between organization wages and salary structure and those of industry.
    4. Provide a basis to resolve controversies and conflicts on wages and salary structure among various jobs.
  3.  Methods of Job Evaluation:
    1. Ranking Method: In this method, all types of jobs in an enterprise are arranged in an order either from the highest to lowest or reverse. Jobs are ranked according to skill, efforts and working conditions involved in it. Ranking of job in the task of raters and experts in the enterprise. This method is simple, inexpensive and least formal then other method.
    2. Grading Method: In this method, some grades or classes are predetermined on the basis of different types of skill, efforts and responsibilities. After then, all jobs are compared with above grade or classes so each job is assigned a Grade or Class. Wages rate is fixed as per grade assigned to each job.
    3. Point Rating Method: Each method can be explained as under:

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