Internet and who manages it.

Q1. What do you understand by an internet? Who manages it (internet)?
Ans.  the internet is a global collection of computers connected to each other through a network. This global network links thousands of computers at different places around the world, such as universities, research institutions, government agencies, and business houses. The network allows easy access and transfer of data and communication among users. The Internet is not governed by any single entity. There for several well-known volunteer Groups or organizations that helps manage and guide technical aspects of the Internet.  These organizations jointly contribute in the research, development, and management of the Internet.

Following is list of the three main organizations and the role they play in the management of the Internet:

  • Internet Architecture Board (IAB): refers to the technical advisory group that is responsible for the technical aspects of the Internet.
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): refers to the organization that is responsible for developing and prompting Internet standards.
  • InterNIC: provide various registration services to the Internet community.

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