Input Unit And Its Significance.

Q4. What do you understand by input unit? What is its significance? What does computer input consist of?
Ans. The input unit is formed by the input devices attached to the computer. An input unit takes the input and converts it into binary form so that it can be understood by the computer.

Examples of input devices and media are: keyboard, mouse, magnetic ink character reader (MICR), optical mark reader (OMR), optical character reader (OCR), joystick etc.

The input unit is responsible for taking input and convertingĀ  it into computer understandable form (the binary code). Since a computer operates on electricity, it can understand only the language of electricity that is, either ON or OFF or high voltage or low voltage. That means a computer can understand two stages ON/OFF or High/Low voltage or the binary language that uses just two symbols: 1 for ON and 0 for OFF.


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