Important features of XML.

Q1.  Mention five important features of XML.

Ans. XML is one of the most commonly used markup languages to present and exchange data. You can get an idea of the popularity of the language if you learn something about its features. The following are the salient features of XML:

  • Designed to describe data: Implies that the focus of XML is on the description of data, not its presentation. HTML is designed to focus on the presentation of data.
  • Structured language: Defines the structure of a document using tags. XML is a user-defined language, implying that it allows you to create your own tags.
  • Platform-independent: Enables you to execute XML-based applications on any operating system.
  • Language-independent: Implies that you can use XML with any other technology or language, such as Java, .NET, and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).
  • Extensible: Creates user-defined tags. XML does not provide any predefined tags to structure your document. Rather, you have to create all the tags of the document.

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