Impact of type modifiers on base data types.

Q4. What is the impact of type modifiers on base data types? Support your answer with examples for each data type.

Ans. We use a modifier to alter the meaning of the base type to fit various situations more precisely.

The list of modifiers is given below:






  1. Integer Type Modifiers

By using different number of bytes to store values, C++ offers three types of integers: short, int and long that can represent up to three different sizes. Each comes in both signed and unsigned versions. That gives you a choice of six different integer types.


Type Approximate Size (in bytes) Minimal Range
Short 2 -32768 to 32767
unsigned short 2 0 to 65,535
signed short 2 Same as short
Int 2 -32768 to 32767
unsigned int 2 0 to 65,535
signed int 2 Same as int
Long 4 -2,147,483,648 to ,147,483,647
unsigned long 4 0 to 5,294,967,295
signed long 4 Same as long


  1. Character Type Modifiers

The char type can also be signed and unsigned. Unlike int, char is neither signed nor unsigned by default. The choice is left to the C++ implementation in order to allow the implementer to best fit the type to the hardware properties. However, these distinctions are particularly important if you are using char as a numeric type. The unsigned char represents the range 0 to 255 and signed char represents the range -128 to 127.


  1. Floating-point Type Modifiers

C++ has three floating-point types: float, double and long double. These types are described in terms of the number of significant figures they can represent and the minimum allowable range of exponents.

Type float occupies 4 bytes of memory. Type double occupies 8 bytes, twice as much memory as type float and stores floating-point numbers with much larger range and precision. Floating-point type Long double occupies 10 bytes and has only slightly greater range and precision than type double.


Types Approximate Size (in bytes) Minimal Range Digits of Precision
Float 4 3.4 x 10-38 to 3.4 X 1038 -1 7
double 8 1.7 X 10-308 to 1.7 X 10308 -1 15
long double 10 3.4 X 10 -4932 to 1.1 X 10 4932 -1 19




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