“How to Convert a Normal Pan into a Non Stick Pan with a Potato”

“How to Convert a Normal Pan into a Non Stick Pan with a Potato”


Non stick pans never last long when used heavily. They would get scratched, dented, burnt, broken and smashed, so to avoid this we would like to make our own non stick pans.

The method given below wouldn’t be costly, time consuming, difficult to remember or difficult to apply.

In order to convert a normal iron pan into a non stick pan we need the following:

  1. An Iron Pan
  2. A Potato

Rub Potato on Pan

Put the pan on stove and let it heat up a little. Now take a potato and cut it in two pieces. Then take one piece of potato and rub it on the pan, thoroughly on the entire cooking surface and your non stick pan is ready.

You may use it for making Dosa, Fried Rice, Pancake, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Frankie, etc.

Suppose you are making Dosa. After you remove your Dosa from pan, again rub the potato on your pan and your non stick pan is ready again.

Every time you use your pan just rub a potato and get a non-stick pan.

It’s a tried and tested trick, it surely works.

There are many other ways to make a non-stick pan at home, but in many of them after applying those methods you cannot wash the pan  with water and if you do then you have to repeat the whole tedious process all over again.


The pan should be of iron or cast iron for otherwise this method wouldn’t work.

You may use the same process to convert any other iron utensil to a non-stick utensil.

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