Home Page.


  1. What is Home Page? Explain briefly.
  2. abc@mnc.co.in represents a ____.
  3. Give one advantage of Electronic Mail over ordinary mailing method.
  4. What is a Web Server and how is it related to a web page?
  5. Name one Internet Service Provider in India.
  6. What is the function of FTP.
  7. Give the full form of the following terms:
    • HTTP
    • url
  8. Lal owns a factory which manufactures automobile spare parts. Suggest him the advantages of having a web page for his factory.


  1. The first or main page of a website is known as Home page.
  2. Email address.
  3. The Electronic mail delivers message rapidly as compared to ordinary mail.
  4. The Web server is a computer that contains web pages of a website.
  5. BSNL is one of the Internet Service providers in India.
  6. The FTP protocol is used transfer files over the Internet.
    • HTTP- Hypertext Transfer protocol
    • url- Uniform Resource Locator
  7. The web page provides the information to the clients about his factory of spare parts. Moreover, he can receive the order on the Internet from the clients using the web page.

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