Q1. Define a virus?

Q2. List the some common characteristics of a computer virus.

Q3. Name some forms of virus attacks.

Q4. What do you understand by phishing?

Q5. Differentiate between a cracker and a hacker.

Q6. What are the common symptoms of a virus attack?

Q7. Explain the life cycle of a virus.

Q8. Explain the Trojan horse.

Q9. What are worms? Explain with Examples?

Q10. What are the advantages of online backup?

Q11. Answer the following questions:

  1. Shreenivasan is working for an IT firm where he needs to take a backup of his data of around 200MB to 400MB at the end of each day. The backup he takes everyday needs to be achieved separately for future reference. Suggest any two economic data backup devices, which he can use for this purpose.
  2. Differentiate between hackers and crackers with the reference to their intention and motive.
  3. Name one specific software/ tool for each of the following categories:

1. Anti-virus software
2. Data recovery tool
3. Online backup tool
4. Text editor to create HTML pages
5.Open Source web browser

Q12. What is the difference between a digital certificate and digital signature?

Q13. What is a denial of service attack?

Q14. What is data backup?