Q1. What are the advantages and limitations of using e-mail?

Q2. Write short notes on the following:

  1. Blog
  2. Forum
  3. Newsgroup

Q3. Describe the mandatory fields of the e-mail message header.

Q4. What do you understand by search engines? What are they used for? Name any five search engines.

Q5. Briefly describe the three elements used by a search engine.

Q6. Suggest five ways to get better search results on the Internet.

Q7. What do the following acronyms stand for:

  1.  ASL
  2. BRB
  3. CU
  4.  LOL
  5. ZZZZ

Q8. What do you understand by the chat service available on the Internet? Do you need to be connected to the Internet in order to chat?

Q9. Define video conferencing. Also explain the hardware and software requirements for it.

Q10. Define the format of an e-mail message.

Q11. Define the FTP and TELNET protocols. Name five Linux-based FTP software.

Q12. Frame the search queries for the following:

  1. Searching information about the book “Discovery of India”
  2. Searching information about the colleges in India bachelor course in “Economics”.

Q13. Write a short note on the following:

  1. E-commerce
  2. E-learning
  3. E-banking
  4. E-reservation
  5. Online Shopping

Q14. Write the steps to create a new e-mail account in Gmail.

Q15. Write the steps to send an e-mail to your friend.

Q16. What do you mean by newsgroups? How are they different from blogs?

Q17. Write the steps to check the e-mail messages you have received in your inbox.

Q18. Write the steps to forward an e-mail message.

Q19. What is a blog? Write the steps to create a blog on www.blogger.com.

Q20. What do you understand by a Web forum? Write the steps to create a Web forum at www.forums-free.com.

Q21. Write the steps needed to search information for the term “Information Technology” using a search engine.

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