a. What is an attribute in HTML?

b. How would you preview changes made in an HTML code without closing the HTML document in the text editor?

c. Name two common graphic file formats that most browsers recognize.

d. Which heading element gives the most prominent heading?

e. Expand the following tags used in HTML:

f. Distinguish between container and empty tags.

g. Write code to insert an image “picture.gif ” on a Web page and center align it in the browser’s window.

h. Find error(s) in the following HTML code segment. Rewrite the correct code and underline the corrections made.

<UL STYLE : square >

<LI> Water Bottles

<LI> Lunch box

<LI> Handkerchief


Q2. Compare Home page and website.

Q3. How can one insert horizontal lines in a Web page?

Q4. How are comments inserted in an HTML code? Explain with example.

Q5. Write the extension of an HTML code file.

Q6. How would you display text in the Title bar of a browser?

Q7. How can the font size of a single line on a Web page be changed?

Q8. Distinguish between the <P> tag and the <BR> tag with the help of an example.

Q9. Why do we insert comments in an HTML document even though they are not displayed on a Web page?

Q10. What do you mean by the term ‘source code’ of the current page viewed in a Web browser?

Q11. Which tag do we use to change the size and style (face) of the text of an HTML file viewed on a Web browser?

Q12. What is the purpose of using the tags <H1>….<H6>?

Q13. What is the method of viewing the source code of the current page in Web Page?

Q14. What is the method of using comment line in HTML code?

Q15. What is the use of the <BODY> tag in HTML code? Write any two attributes used with this tag.

Q16. Expand the term HTML?

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