Formal Communication And Its Advantages.

Q2. What is Formal Communication? Explain clearly the advantages of a formal communication?
Ans. Formal communication flows along prescribed channels which all organizational members desirous of communicating with one another are obliged to follow. Every organization has a built in hierarchical system that can be compared to a pyramid. It can, therefore, be understood that communication normally flows from top downwards. But it is not always so. Communication in an organization can be multidimensional multi-directional.
Following are the directions in which communication are sent.
a.) Downward
b.) Upward
c.) Horizontal or lateral
d.) Diagonal or crosswise
Advantages of formal communication:
a.) The formal channels account for most of the effectiveness of communication. It has been said earlier, great care has to be taken in sending across any letter or report through the proper formal channel.
b.) Formal channels cover and ever widening distance as organization grow. Through them, it is easier to reach out to the branches of an organization spread and wide.
c.) The formal channels have a tendency to filter information and keep higher level managers from getting bogged down.
d.) Formal channels of communication consolidate the organization and satisfy the people in managerial position.

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