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Fill in the Blanks

  1. _____ is the process that helps users reserve movie, train, and airlines tickets as well as hotel rooms through the Internet.

Ans. Online reservation

  1. _____ is an electronic message sent from one computer to another through the Internet.

Ans. E-mail

  1. A Web browser allows you to view a _____.

Ans. Web page

  1. The _____ protocol is used for most URL addresses.


  1. The method that allows you to hold online discussions on a topic of interest by sending and receiving text messages is known as _____.

Ans. Newsgroups

  1. The _____ field in the text editor allows a user to send the same message to multiple recipients without disclosing their e-mail addresses.

Ans. bcc

  1. The _____ provides you Internet connection by charging some monthly fee.

Ans.  ISP

  1. _____ is an interactive text-based communication process that takes place over the Internet.

Ans. Chatting

  1. Files are transferred over the Internet using _____.

Ans. FTP

  1. Web pages are linked to one another through a system of _____.

Ans. Hyperlinks

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