File Attributes

Q1. What are File Attributes?

Ans.A file’s attributes vary from one operating system to another but typically consist of these:

  1. Name

The symbolic file name is the only information kept in human readableform,.

  1. Identifier

This unique tag, usually a number, identifies the file within thefile system; it is the non-human-readable name for the file.

  1. Type

This information is needed for systems that support different types of files.

  1. Location

This information is a pointer to a device and to the location ofthe file on that device.

  1. Size

The current size of the file (in bytes, words, or blocks) and possiblythe maximum allowed size are included in this attribute.

  1. Protection

Access-control information determines who can do reading, writing, executing, and so on.

  1. Time, date, and user identification

This information may be kept forcreation, last modification, and last use. These data can be useful for protection, security, and usage monitoring.

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