Fields of the E-mail Message Header.

Q3. Describe the mandatory fields of the e-mail message header.

Ans. The mandatory fields of a message header are described as follows:

  • From: Contains the e-mail address or name of the sender.
  • To: Contains the e-mail address of the receiver. This field may contain one or more e-mail addresses or names of the recipients. The field indicates the primary receiver(s) of the message.
  • Subject: Contains the subject of the message. This field may contain certain abbreviation, such as RE (indicates the reply of the received message) and FW (forwarding a message received from other user).

  • Date: Contains the local time and date when the message was sent. This field is filled automatically by the e-mail server when the user sends the message. The e-mail server that receives the message displays the time when it receives the message.
  • Message-ID: Refers to the identification number of the message provided by the e-mail server. It is also an automatic generated value which is used to prevent the re-delivery of a message.

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