Field properties in Base.

Q10. What do you understand by field properties in Base? Explain the various types of field properties available in Base.

Ans. In a database, field properties play an important role in controlling the behavior of a field. In BASE, you can assign the following types of field properties:

  • Entry Required: Specifies whether the entry of data in the selected field is mandatory or not. For example, in case you set the value as Yes in the field property of a selected field, it means that you must enter data in the field. On the other hand, if the value is set as No, then you need not enter any data in the field. In other words, you can skip this field.
  • Length: Specifies the field length, that is, the size of the field.
  • Decimal Places: Specifies the place of the decimal point from the right side of a numeric value. For example, if you specify the value 3 in the Decimal Places field property, it means that the decimal point is placed at the fourth position from the right side of the numeric value, for example, 1.234.
  • Default Value: Specifies the value that is added automatically in a field. You can change this value with a value of your own.
  • Format Example: Allows you to control the appearance of the data in a table. You can use the built-in formats available in BASE or define your own formats.

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