Explain how a Web browser works

Q10. Explain how a Web browser works?
Ans. A Web browser is an application that is used to access or retrieve information or resources from the Internet. This information is available in different formats, such as audio and video files, text and images. The information resources on the Internet are identified by Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which is a unique        address of each Web page. Although, a Web browser is specifically designed to access information from the Internet, it can also be used to access resources on the local Intranet or files in a file system.

When a user types the address of a website in the Address bar, user is actually entering the address of the server on which the Web pages of the website are stored. The Web browser interprets the website address entered by the user in the Address bar, searches the Internet for the requested Web page, and displays it
in the browser window.

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