Explain Types of System Calls

Q3. Explain in brief about each type of System Call.

Ans. System calls can be grouped roughly into five major categories:

  1. Process Control
  2. File Management
  3. Device Management
  4. Information Maintenance
  5. Communication


1. Process Control

  1. end, abort.
  2. load, execute.
  3. create process, terminate process.
  4. get process attributes, set process attributes.
  5. wait for time.
  6. wait event, signal event.
  7. allocate and free memory.


2. File Management  

1. create file, delete file.
2. open, close.
3. read, write, reposition.
4. get file attributes, set file attributes.


3. Device Management

1. request device, release device.
2. read, write, reposition.
3. get device attributes, set device attributes.
4. logically attach or detach devices.


4. Information Maintenance

1. get time or date, set time or date.
2. get system data, set system data.
3. get process, file, or device attributes.
4. set process, file, or device attributes.

5. Communications

1. create, delete communication connection.
2. send, receive messages.
3. transfer status information.
4. attach or detach remote devices.

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