Example of an Empty element.


  1. Give an example of an Empty element in HTML.
  2. What is the function OF <HTML> TAG?
  3. Explain ALINK attribute used in HTML.
  4. Give the function of Home Button on the Tool Bar of the Browser window.
  5. Explain the following with the help of an example:
    1. <B>……….</B>
    2. <OL TYPE=1>
  6. What does the following code do?

<A HREF hhttp://WWW.INDIA.Com> Connect to India </A>

Ans. 1. The example of an empty element is <BR>.

Ans. 2. An <HTML> tag is a command to instruct the Web browser how to display the content in a Web page.

Ans. 3. The ALINK attribute is used to specify the color of an active link on a web page.

Ans. 4. The Home Button takes you to the home page of a website.

Ans. 5.

  1. <B>……</B> makes the text bold such as <B> HTML </B>
  2. <OL TYPE=1>:

Displays the list of items with numbers such as :

  1. HTML
  2. XHTML

Ans. 6. This code creates a hyperlink with name Connect to India which connects you to INDIA website.

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