Distinguish Between Input Unit and Output Unit, CPU and ALU, Data And Information.

Q8. Distinguish between

  1. Input Unit and Output Unit,
  2. CPU and ALU,
  3. Data And Information.


  1. Input Unit and Output Unit :
    Input Unit:
    The input unit is formed by the input devices attached to the computer. Examples of input devices and media are: Keyboard, mouse magnetic ink character reader (mICR).

    Output Unit: The output unit is formed by the output devices attached to the computer. Some popular output devices are VDU (visual display unit), printer, plotter.
  2. CPU and ALU: The CPU is the control center for a computer, which guides, directs and governs its performance whereas the ALU is a component of CPU which performs all the arithmetic and logical operations.
  3. Data and Information:                                                                                   Data: Data computer terminology means raw facts and figure. For example,’ Mohan’, 1995, ‘a’, – 162.5 are data.

    It means what we get the processing data (meaningful data). Data are aggregated and summarized in various meaningful ways to form information. For example, ‘Mohan, whose roll number is 1995, has got grade ‘A’.

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