Display Information of Student in I-Card Format in Java Netbeans 6.5.1.

Q4. Design a Java Netbeans 6.5.1 GUI application that asks for some information about a student and display it in I-card format.


Create a GUI application as per following screenshot.


Type the following code by double clicking BtnAdd, button, below the line that says, ‘// TODO add your handling code here’

String t1=txtTitle.getText();    //text of txtTitle stored in t1.

String t2=txtName.getText();    //text of txtTitle stored in t2.

String t3=txtLname.getText();    //text of txtTitle stored in t3.

String t4=txtClass.getText();   //text of txtTitle stored in t4.

String t5=txtSec.getText();    //text of txtTitle stored in t5.


repArea.append(“Student Details:” + “\n”);    //text will be added to textarea

repArea.append(“Name:” + t1 + ” ” + t2 + ” ” + t3 + “\n”);

repArea.append(“Class:” + t4 + ” ” + t5);


Output of the above program will be:

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