Differentiate Process and Program

Q1. Differentiate process and program.


Process Program
1. Process is program in execution. 1. Program is a series of instructions to perform a particular task.
2. Process is a part of a program. 2. Program is given as a set of process.
3. Process is the part where logic of that particular program exists. 3. In some cases we may divide a problem into numbers of parts. At these times we write a separate logic for each part known as process.
4. Process is a program in memory. 4. Program is only a set of instructions.
5. In detail you can stay in main memory. 5. Process can be program but program is very ravel a process.
6. The process is an operation which takes the given instructions and performs the manipulations as per the code, called execution of instructions. A process is entirely dependent of a program. 6. A program is a set of instruction that are to perform a designed task.
7. A process is module that executes modules concurrently. They are separate loadable modules. 7. The program perform task directly relating to an operation of a user like word processing executing presentation software etc.


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