Characteristics of Java.

Q5. What are different characteristics of Java?

Ans. Java has many and many characteristics that make it eligible for a powerful and popular language. We are going to discuss a few important characteristics of Java.

  1. Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA):  The Java programs need to written just once, which cab be run on different platforms without making changes in the Java program. Only the Java interpreter is changed depending upon the platform.
  2. Light Weight Code:  With Java, big and useful applications can also be created with very light code. NO huge coding is required.
  3. Security: Java offers many security features to make its programs safe and secure.
  4. Built-in Graphics: Java offers many build-in graphics features and routines which can be used to make Java more visual.
  5. Object-Oriented Language: Java is object-oriented language, thereby, very near too real world.
  6. Supports Multimedia: Java is ideally suited for integration of video, audio, animation and graphics in Internet environment.
  7. Platform Independent:  Java is essentially platform independent. Change of platform does not affect the original Java program/application.
  8. Open Product: Java is an open product, freely available to all. However, there exist some special time-saving Java development kits, which can be availed by paying small amounts.

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