Categories Of Impact Printers. Advantage of Non-Impact Printers over Impact Printers.

Q17. What are the categories of impact printers? What is the advantage of non-impact printers over impact printers?


Difference between impact printers and non-impact printers.

Ans. The impact printers come in lot of varieties such as line printers, drum printers, daisy wheel printers, and dot-matrix printers.

Non-impact printer does not generate noise during printing because it prints images and text without striking the papers. While impact printer generates noise because it prints by striking print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon.

Non-impact printer’s speed is faster and quality is higher than impact printer.

We will get a much higher quality print with no smearing, smudging, or uneven ink with a Non-Impact printer in comparison to impact printer.

Ink prices for impact printers can be as much as $0.12-$0.20 per page while Non-impact printer, cartridges can be replaced for less than $.02 per page printed.

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