Q1. A good environmental practice improves corporate performance?

Q2. What is meant by sustainable development?

Q3. Explain “polluter pay principle”?

Q4. Creation of proper ethical environment requires proper understanding of reasons which lead to unethical behavior. Comment.

Q5. Explain how Corporate Social Responsibility is closely linked with sustainable development?

Q6. Explain fundamental principles relating to ethics?

Q7. What is APEC business code of conduct?

Q8. What are united nation guidelines themes on consumer protection?

Q9. Differentiate between consumer and public interest?

Q10.  Explain importance of ombudsperson in workplace?

Q11. How to solve ethical dilemma?

Q12. Define corporate governance? State major character of good corporate governance?

Q13. State corporate social responsibility policies for business organizations?

Q14. Explain role played by different committees in regulating corporate governance?

Q15. Explain importance of ethics for finance and accounting professional?

Q16. Explain iron law of responsibility? State benefits which may be acquired by achieving long term objectives through business activities?

Q17. Explain various socio-psychological factors responsible for developing negative attitude by an individual at workplace?

Q18. State objectives of central protection council in India.

Q19. Explain the concept of “sexual harassment” in relation to workplace.

Q20. Explain the Utilitarian Approach as the ethical standard?

Q21. Which parameters are applicable in relation to Competition Law in India?

Q22 Explain briefly the matters to be considered and the steps that may be taken by a Finance and Accounting professional when he is required to resolve an ethical conflict in the application of fundamental principles.

Q23.Explain types of self interest threats.

Q24. Explain the Social Sins listed by Mahatma Gandhi.

Q25. What is the difference between morals and ethics?

Q26. State how far a sound ethical environment in a company may be created and corporate scandals may be avoided.

Q27. Explain the reasons for unethical behavior among finance and accounting professionals.


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