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Q19. What is a blog? Write the steps to create a blog on

Ans. A blog can be defined as a website or part of a website containing the thoughts and ideas of a user. It is written in the form of a continuous commentary on any subject. Other users can read the blog as well as post their comments.

Nowadays, blogs have become one of the most popular interactive modes of communication on the Internet. Generally, blogs contain textual information but you can also share your photographs, videos, and artworks with other users.


Perform the following steps to create a blogger account:

  1. Type the address of the blogging website in the Address bar of Mozilla Firefox (or any other browser). In our case, we have typed
  2. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard. The home page of the Blogger website opens.
  3. Enter your e-mail id in the Email text box and password in the Password text box respectively.
  4. Click the Sign in After you sign in, the Name your blog page opens.
  5. Enter a title for the blog in the Blog title text box.
  6. Enter the address of the blog in the Blog address (URL) text box.
  7. Click the CONTINUE The Choose a starter template page opens, in which you can select a template for your blog. A template defines the appearance of your blog.
  8. Select a template for your blog in the Choose a starter template
  9. Click the CONTINUE The Your blog has been created! page opens.
  10. Click the START BLOGGING After you click the START BLOGGING button, your blog page opens. In this page, you can create entries or posts to start a blog of your own.


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