Barrier Of Communication.

Q8. Explain these as barrier of communication:
i.) Cultural Barrier,
ii.) Emotions,
iii.) Status Consciousness.
i.) Cultural Barrier: We live in a globalized world and may encounter individuals of different races, religions and nationalities. The same category of words, phrases, symbols, actions, colors mean different things to people different cultural backgrounds. Example in the United States of America, people like to be called by there first name, while in Britain and to a large extent also in India, people like to be addressed by their surname.

ii.) Emotions: Emotions play a very vital role in our life. Both encoding and coding of messages are influenced by our emotions. A message received when we are emotionally charged up will have a different meaning for us then when we are calm and composed.

iii.) Status Consciousness: Subordinates are either too conscious of their low status or too afraid of being snubbed. At the same time, many executives keep distance from their juniors thinking that consulting subordinates is something below their dignity.

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