Advantages and limitations of using e-mail.

Q1. What are the advantages and limitations of using e-mail?

Ans. Advantages of E-mail

The following are the advantages of e-mail:

  • Saves paper and is easy to edit.
  • Transmits messages faster than normal communication mediums such as Speed Post and courier.
  • Allows you to send and receive messages according to your comfort and convenience, that is, you need not go to buy stamps and envelopes and then post the letter in the post office.
  • Enables you to transmit a single message to multiple users.
  • Provides you space to save the incoming and outgoing messages for future reference.
  • Provides the mailboxes, where you can store your e-mail messages, and delete them, if required, at your convenience.

Limitation of E-Mail

The following are the limitations of e-mail:

  • Requires hardware devices, such as computer and printer, and a network connection to access and print e-mail messages.
  • As e-mail is sent instantly, if you make any mistake, such as sending an e-mail to a wrong recipient, it may be too late to do anything about it.
  • Lacks the ability to express emotions and feelings verbally that is possible in other modes of communication such as telephone.

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